Inspiration for #WDWMarathon Weekend: #CignaRunTogether

In preparation for Friday’s #CignaRunTogether event, Cigna set us a handful of stories that we could share with our readers. Angela’s story jumped out at me. 

Here’s why. Almost 7 years ago, David and I had a missed miscarriage. Before we found out we were pregnant, we didn’t know we were ready for a baby. Then we heard a heartbeat at about 9 weeks! We were thrilled… told the grandparents, talked about baby names… and then the unthinkable. No heartbeat at 12 weeks. 

After a period of heartbreak, we decided we were ready to take a try for another baby. Almost a year and a half later we were finally pregnant with our sweet Parker. 

In this process we got to know a couple similar to Angela. I have never seen such pain over not being able to have children. We also got to see the flip side… the joy when they adopted their adorable little boy. 

Angela’s story is more common than people like to talk about. I’m grateful for people like her that aren’t afraid to speak up – it makes others in her shoes not feel like they are alone! 

Good luck to Angela as she runs the marathon on Sunday! 

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  1. Thanks for sharing something so personal…we’re not baby ready yet, but that is one of my biggest fears. It’s nice to know you can get past it, and you have such a beautiful daughter!

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