In Search of the Christian Lifestyle

I heard this joke (but it carries a lot of weight)- it was originally published in Christianity Today… but I was unable to find the full text – so forgive me if it isn’t exactly the way it was originally.

I will not provide commentary for this one… I think it speaks for itself! Don’t live around the principles – live in His love!

In Search of the Christian Lifestyle: Journal of a Man

Saturday – Slept in today.  I read the paper. Wasted most of the day lying around watching TV. Was listening to Christian radio tonight though, I was challenged by the message that “the problem with the world was too many lazy Christians”.

Sunday: So today, after church, I said farewell to the wife and kids, I spent the afternoon collecting soup cans for the food shelter in the city. Met the family back at church, just in time for the evening service, speaker talked about the decline of the family. He said, “Fathers just don’t spend enough time with their children anymore.”

Monday: I left work a little early, took the kids out to eat and then to a movie. Had a great time! Back at home, I was flipping through the channels on the TV. Special on world hunger caught my eye – “You could support someone for an entire month for the cost of dinner and a movie,” the announcer said.

Tuesday: I fasted all day, then I went to the men’s fellowship meeting.  We had a special speaker who talked about physical fitness, emphasizing that the body is the temple of the holy spirit. He said, “The key to being in shape is good nutrition and exercise.” So I went home and ordered pizza.

Wednesday: Got up early to jog.  After work, shot some hoops with the kids and driving back from the basketball court I turned on another radio preacher.  This one talked about burnout.  He said, “People are so busy with church, family, work, etc, they never have time for themselves anymore.”

Thursday: Slept in. Read the paper. Wasted most of the day lying around.  Didn’t bother to turn on the radio.

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