I survived!

Six and a half years ago I married an insurance agent. For the first five years I helped David through open enrollment – I have done paperwork, greeted him at the door with a beer after a long day and woke him up early to go again for another day. Many of you have heard of us speak of the ‘busy season’ and have rarely seen us in public during this time.

This year was different. It wasn’t just David’s open enrollment, it was ours. Since I started October 1st, not only did I have being ‘the new OA’ (office administrator) to deal with, it was like being thrown into the fire. Another OA in Tallahassee told me, “if you can survive open enrollment, you will be prepared for the rest of the year!”

The first week was slow and I got a little worried… I submitted 35 apps the first week. Second week… 80 apps. Third week… 138 apps! Holy cow! We were second in the company!! Wow!

Not only do I work with an incredible group of people, but they were so patient and supportive as I learned and stumbled a little!

So I survived. I’m ready for a break, but I first have to get through moving the office, thanksgiving and the Christmas party. Then a small break!

Next year I will likely not do any races during open enrollment. I ran a 5k/Half challenge and my first sprint triathlon during the last month in addition to starting a new job. I got a PR in my 5K and half! When I signed up for these races, we had no idea how our lives would change at that point!

So what’s next on the running calendar?
November 24th – Women’s Running Half
December 1st – Brandon Half
December 15th – Holiday Halfathon
That will finish 2013 with 3 more medals!!

Happy hug a runner day! Feel free to make it hug a runner week – I only got one hug!


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  1. Aaaah, Happy HUG-A-Runner day and week. I hope you get a few winks of sleep here and there. Always proud of you. love, Grandma

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