How to Surprise a Runner – Miami Marathon Recap

My BRF Yvonne thought she was running her first marathon in Miami by herself. Little did she know I was scheming!

  How to surprise a runner:

  1. Have an accomplice! I employed Yvonne’s mom as my accomplice. She kept me up to date on their travel and anything I might need to know for planning!  This is Yvonne’s mom who cheered at mile markers 15 and 22! 
  2. Plan a good surprise! I surprised her outside of the expo. But the best part was that she had no idea! She was speechless!! We had run together the Saturday prior to the race and I had a hard time not spoiling the secret!  Photo from the expo after collecting our packets!! 
  3. Keep them company! We started together and finished together!! I came to support her through her first full marathon and that’s exactly what I did. I even got to capture this sweet moment when her daughter joined her to the finish line!!  

Running your first marathon is tough. I remember running Space Coast last year and it was difficult. The last three miles I walked, because I was alone and didn’t have anyone to push me. So I pushed her – not to the point that she hates me – but to the point that she was happy with her finish time! Her goal as 5:30. We hit 5:36! She did great!  Today she celebrares her birthday on a cruise – what a way to recover and celebrate her first marathon!!

3 thoughts on “How to Surprise a Runner – Miami Marathon Recap”

  1. See another reason why I am so proud of you, because of your heart and your sweet spirit! I LOVE this true story and will always cherish it!! Good for you, Jess. I love you, Grandma

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