How to Spectate the Walt Disney World Half Marathon!

Six tips to enjoy spectating your friends and family in the WDW Half Marathon!

  1. Get to Magic Kingdom early! The monorail system can be used to get from Epcot to Magic Kingdom easily. Follow the crowd. Once at Magic Kingdom, get a cup of coffee (yes, several of the Main Street stores are open!) and stake your claim to a cheering spot.  Close to the castle is nice for taking photos like this (Cheer Squad access was needed for this section!): 
  2. Utilize the monorail system. There are three monorails. One from Epcot to the Transportation Center. One from the Transportation Center to Magic Kingdom. And the last one stops at all three Magic Kingdom resorts (Contemporary, Polynesian and Grand Floridian) and Magic Kingdom itself. The Race Event Guide will give you all of the spots you can cheer – don’t try to hit them all!
  3. Visit the Magic Kingdom resorts, if time permits. Once your runners pass the castle they will run out past the Grand Floridian and Polynesian resorts (in that order). Your best bet is to take the Resort monorail from Magic Kingdom to the Polynesian. Go outside the resort and cheer for your runner. From there you can take a short walk back to the transportation center, then move on to tip #4.
  4. Go back to Epcot. Utilize the monorail to go back to Epcot. On this journey you can see runners on the 9-13 mile points.  After getting off the monorail, you have two choices: you can go into Epcot and cheer some more (must have admission!) or go to the finish line and cheer! The pictures were taken from the monorail on the journey from Magic Kingdom to Epcot.       
  5. Pick a spot for meeting up after the race. Disney had huge letter signs in their family reunion area. Use them. Pick a letter before you leave your runner in the morning and stick to it.
  6. On this journey between the parks, talk to people. You will hear the coolest stories! Here’s one from my journey. There was a mom, dad and brother that flew in from Louisiana to watch the son/brother run his first half marathon ever! I was beside them at the castle and when he came around to them they hugged! I grabbed the mom’s phone and started taking a series of photos of their emotional moment. They all hugged, took one group shot in front of the castle and sent him on his way. I got a little teary eyed from the whole exchange. Blessed that I got to capture the whole moment for them! Hope the photos turned out ok! 🙂

So go enjoy! Go cheer! Have fun!

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