How to Pull The Weeds

About a year ago, David and I were introduced to a sweet lady named Natalie Murphy. She’s a very talented singer and musician. We saw her again in December and she played an original song for us with the teaser of “it will be on my album coming in the summer of 2018”!

Well after much waiting, her album arrived. My husband was so excited that her music was literally the first thing I hear this past Tuesday! We were thrilled to hear her song “Creekin” but thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the album during the day.

Click here to get your copy of her album!

So far my favorite has been “Water the Flowers”.

The chorus goes like this:

“Water the flowers and pull the weeds

Goods never gonna grow without room to breath

So water your flowers baby and pull the weeds.”

While she is speaking in terms of a garden, the metaphor is implied in the rest of the song that she is talking about life.  You can’t grow and move forward in any area of your life without watering the good things in your life and getting rid of the weeds. So here’s a few tips to help you pull the weeds in your life:

  1. Identify the Weeds – this might be the hardest part, but worth taking the time to do. Ask yourself: what people, activities, organizations or tasks leave you feeling drained?
  2. Determine if you can pull the weed. Some weeds may not be removable but some are! Moms, think about the last school year.  Did you say yes to volunteering for every committee or event that was asked of you? Did you say yes to every party your kids were invited to? Take some time to consider which things you should have passed on and make a note for next school year. The hard part to volunteering at your kids school is you see the value, but if you continue to say yes to EVERYTHING – they will over use you and you will eventually burn out!
  3. Pull the weeds! Decide which things, people, events or activities you will say no to.  We can not do everything asked of us… if we do, we will not grow like we need to!  It’s important to leave room to breath. It’s ok to have a block of time on your calendar that isn’t filled.

Happy Friday and enjoy the long Memorial Day weekend!  I hope you take a few moments to yourself and consider where you need to water the flowers and where you may need to do some weed pulling!

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