How to PR a Race! – 3 Easy Steps

Now, there is a disclaimer that I need to preface this post with.  I am not in the range of qualifying for Boston or winning any races soon, but this post is meant for those that are newer runners or you’ve been running for a year or two and want to get faster! This is only a recount of how I earned a new shiny PR within a week of each other in the half marathon and 5K distances. 

1. Crosstrain! Yall have heard me say this before and it is the best advice I’ve ever gotten.  Whether you do a class at your local gym, hire a personal trainer or do workout DVDs at home, you will achieve the same results. I utilize my “soul mate workout” TurboFire! But find what works for you. The stronger your core is, the stronger you will run!


2. Run with a buddy. When Yvonne and I run together (especially with our running strollers and toddlers) we don’t maintain record paces.  But we do keep a good pace and talk almost the entire time. This increases your cardio capacity.  When you set out to run a race alone, your body is able to put more energy into your speed.

3. Set goals and share them. I told everyone that I was going to hit a sub 2:20 half and a sub 30 5K (and best my PR of 29:49)… And I did. I didn’t want to have to eat crow or admit that I didn’t reach my goal.  It made me walk less and push harder. There is power in the accountability of others and especially fellow runners that want to celebrate your successes. (Disclaimer: if you encounter an injury during training or during an event – do you hurt yourself to earn a PR. That is a perfect reason to back off, slow down or take a short break!)
Speaking of Goals, my goals for next fall are to:
– complete my 3rd marathon
– earn a sub 2:10 half marathon
– earn a sub 1 hour 10K
So share with me, even though we have reached the end of the running season, what are your goals for the fall? Share them with me. Let’s go get those PRs and keep each other accountable!

4 thoughts on “How to PR a Race! – 3 Easy Steps”

  1. I’d like to see sub 30 in a 5k again!! I had shin splints (x2!!!) last year, so my running was very little last year. I have been back since, but i can’t seem to get under 30 min. I feel so defeated sometimes!! But…better than nothing,right???

  2. Happy Friday! I found your post from the Tampa Bay #FridayShares link up. I recently moved to Tampa from Atlanta and am an avid runner and marathon coach. These are all great points that can help take your running to the next level. I think strength training and yoga are two key areas that runners tend to cast aside but that can be game changers for injury prevention and power. Happy running, and hope our paths will cross soon on the road 🙂 xo

  3. I am not a runner but so respect those that are! I will however walk really fast with anyone interested but not outdoors in Florida in the summer…I’m crazy but not that crazy 🙂

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