How to Make Cold Brew 

Step One – Obtain Coffee! I have recently found a new addiction to cold brew coffee. So when this little package showed up an our Tampa Coffee Club box for June, I was so excited!! You can use any kind of coffee for Cold Brew, however a cold brew specialty is highly recommended!

Step Two – Grind Coffee! Most coffee and experts will recommend about 1/2 or 3/4 of a cup of beans to 4 cups of water. I am not super scientific about it, as I know my grinder and where to fill it up to!

Step Three – Add Water and Wait! Roughly 4 cups of water will do the trick. However if you like yours darker or lighter you can adjust this. Store in a refrigerator overnight to enjoy in the morning!

Step Four – Press and Pour! If utilizing a French press, pressed down and pour a your cup of coffee. Add cream or sugar, however you take it! 

Or if you’d prefer to buy it and skip the mess of making it yourself…. Here’s my favorite! Found in the Publix cooler section beside creamers! 

What you tried making cold brew at home?! Were you successful? 

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