How to be “An American in Paris” – Straz Center 12/20-25

Last night my husband and I got a rare date night! We enjoyed dinner at Roux followed by a show at the Straz! 

Disclaimer: I received free tickets in exchange for a blog review and social media love. All opinions are my own. 

The story line was an interesting twist on a love triangle… no a web! Two women and three men trying to find or hold onto their picturesque version of love. 

The character that I enjoyed the most Adam, a WWII injured veteran who decided to stay in Paris after the war and write music. The evolution of his character is a reminder of how our world needs to be viewed. 

Photo courtesy of the Straz Center

In the beginning, he wants to write dark music to tell the truth about life, obviously influenced by the realities of war he’s been through. After his interactions with the other characters and a brush with love, he discovers that the world is too dark and his gift of music should be used to bring light into the world. 

While he isn’t the main character, his journey to learning to be An American in Paris is a good reminder that the world needs more light and joy – if you have a talent, use it to bring light and joy, not despair and darkness. 

Photo courtesy of the Straz Center

As for the rest of the show, as always, the costumes, music and choreography were amazing! Compared to the last show I saw at the Straz, I was so impressed with the seamless transitions between set for this performance! 

Photo courtesy of the Straz Center

If you are interested in seeing An American in Paris, hurry to grab your tickets as the show is only in town until Christmas Day. There is a show on the evening of Christmas Day that might make a neat last minute gift for someone special! Or choose another date to enjoy a quiet date night with your significant other before the holidays get underway! Click the look below for all the details! 

Straz Center – An American in Paris

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