How NOT to train for a marathon: What went wrong in Chicago

Almost two months ago I finished marathon number seven, however it was my least prepared and one of my worst times. Learn from my mistakes!

Thinking my precious training would carry me. With six under my belt, one being earlier this year at the Disney Full Marathon, I thought my body would remember what to do. And to a certain degree it did, but my previous training was not enough to carry me.

Not following my training plan. With my longest run pre-Chicago only being 11 miles, I was not ready for 26.2. I lined out a plan and let life get the better of me.

Things we can’t control – weather and temperatures. I was anticipating a cold run. That was not the situation at this year’s Chicago Marathon. It was hot and we had very little cloud cover. This might not have been as bad as it could have been, but when you add the heat to my lack of training I wasn’t at my peak performance level.

What did go right? I didn’t get injured and had a great girls weekend away with my mom and aunt!

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