How I Met Your Father

With the recent ending of the popular sitcom, I thought it would be neat to share our story.

In October of 2006, David moved from Lousiana to Tampa.  He shifted his career and started with at Capital Insurance Agency.  He had previosuly been working at Home Depot and was ready to trade in his 80 hour weeks for a career.  So at the urging of his mother, he moved and joined her in the insurance world.

At almost the same time, my family decided to move back to South Carolina.  But I was in the middle of finishing my Bachelor’s degree at the University of South Florida.  With the consideration of out-of-state tuition and the expense of moving to a new campus, I decided to stay and finish my degree here in Florida.

Then came January – for various reasons David and I both signed up for an online dating profile.  Within a month, we connected online (I’ll tell the truth – I reached out to him, he was cute!).  I attempted to get David to just have coffee, in case he was a ‘creeper’ I wasn’t committed to a full meal and long night of forced conversation.  He wasn’t having it.  So in February or March of 2007 (neither one of us can remember exactly), we had our first full meal together at the Citrus Park Chili’s.  Not only did he rope me into a full meal, but he ordered wings as an appetizer.  Not boneless wings that I could eat with a fork and knife, but real wings that required getting dirty… so I dug in.

After dinner, he invited me to his church on Sunday and we parted ways.  We both called our respective parents and said, “He/She would make a good friend”.

I did visit his church… an adventure in itself. With David and his family in the choir, it left me sitting alone… very close to the front… and in perfect position to be called out as a newcomer by the pastor. Loads of fun!

After a few more dinners, we realized that God had something cool in store.  We lost our minds and decided to get married.  And we did… married only 4 or 5 months later in July of 2007.  Our families thought we were crazy, but almost seven years later and we are happier now than we were then.

So there you have it…. how I met my husband. How did you and your spouse meet?


7 thoughts on “How I Met Your Father”

  1. Awesome! My boyfriend and I met the same way. Totally online, and I totally reached out to him too! We’ll be celebrating 3 years in a few days! 🙂

  2. Your story is so cute! I love that you agreed to go to his church so early on. That’s such an important foundation for a lasting relationship. My hubby and I met playing co-ed softball.

  3. Great post!! For the record, I did not think you were crazy when you guys got married 🙂 I could tell in your voice and in your heart that he was the one God intended for you. I thank God everyday for you, your husband, those precious girls of yours and that you found each other …however that came about. Love you baby!

  4. Love it!! I actually met my Husband through my Mom (they worked together). She was in my room one day and looked up at a Blink-182 poster (I was obsessed with Mark and Hubby did sort of look like him back then) and said I have to introduce you to someone. He was interested, but lazy…so I totally had to go after him too. We moved fast and were living together a month later. We waited 5 years for the wedding though. We were married in 6/27/07…a little before you. 🙂

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