Happy Birthday to ME!

So this day… 25 years ago, I graced the world with my presence!  hahaha!

I don’t remember the day I was born, duh… but I do remember the day that I was re-born.  I don’t remember the date, but I can remember the speaker, the message that he preached and the building I was sitting in on the day when my faith in Christ became my own.  I realized that my salvation wasn’t because we went to church or because my parents, grandparents or anyone else believed, but because I realized that I needed Jesus.  Pastor Matthew says it this way – sitting in a car doesn’t make you a car anymore than sitting in a church makes you a Christian.  I love this!

We are so blessed at Van Dyke.  While I struggle with the commercialism, I believe that the heart of Van Dyke is in the right place.  It has been a long time since I have heard such truth preached from a pastor or such passion sung by a worship leader.  This makes me think back at least ten years to Bell Shoals Baptist Church – Ken Alford and Simeon Nix.  Simeon passed away two years ago this August.  He left behind a loving wife and two adopted children from Russia (if my memory is correct).  He was a big man, big boned and big hearted!  He worshiped on Sunday morning and simply invited you to join him.

Here is my realization of the year… and it will take several years to understand… being a Christ follower isn’t about doing a checklist of things or fitting into a box that we label as ‘Christian’, but about a relationship with our heavenly father.  I dare you.. give this some thought, write it on a piece of paper, tape it to your mirror and let it sink in.

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  1. I remember the day I first met you… (and the place). You make me very proud and I love you.

    Have a great day, wish we were together!


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