Halfway to SpaceCoast!!

I’ve completed half of my training for my first marathon and the last few weeks have been interesting!  I’ve run further than I ever have before.  I’ve learned the value of cross training days. It’s hard to say I’ve truely completed all of it… As if hit a few bumps along the way!

Week 6 – 21 miles

Week 7 – 22.1 miles plus a 18 mile bike ride

Week 8 – 24 miles (inlcuding a LE 15 miler!!!)

Week 9 – a very sad 7.1 miles

So far…128.9 miles since July 28th.

About two weeks ago I expereinced some discomfort in my right hamstring and glute.  The little bit of internet research I did returned the issue of a strained IT Band (I would later find out this was the wrong self diagnosis!).  So I took an extra rest day and kept running.  The day after my 15 miler I realized I was in trouble when I had trouble standing on my leg without my knee feeling like it was going to give out on me.  Again, I took a 3-day rest break instead of a 2-day rest like normal.  When I returned to running what should have been an easy 3 miler, I could barely make it a mile. The shooting pain down my leg when I landed on it was just too much.  Walking the whole way back to my car… I decided I need to go see someone.

I chose a Chiroprator and Sports Medicine specialist – she’s also a half marathon runner and I found out at my visit that she is training for her first marathoner.  She’s also the mother of a 3 year old and twin one and half year olds. So I like her personally and she has done wonders for me before with massage treatments.  This time I didn’t care what she did to me!  So she decided that I needed an adjustment to loosen my lower back and hopefully releive some of my sciatic pain and discomfort.

I got up and felt like a new human – now granted it is going to take some time for it to fully go away! But atleast I know what it is and I can work towards making it better.  I can still run, but easy.  So a minor set back, but I am glad that it is happening in week 9 and not week 18 of this training. It is still a daily battle of stretching, rolling and Ibuprofen! I’ve also found some homeopathic pills that claim to help with sciatic pain, but I’m not convinced yet. A massage yesterday offered some relief and I hope it will continue to help. Praying for a total healing and restoration to my running ability!

Someone asked me how it felt to be halfway done and the only thing I can recount that would explain how I feel is the moment I finished my fifteen miler in week 8.  As I watched my watch cross the 13.1 mark I knew I was in new territory for distance running.  I knew that I had never done this before.  I knew that I had less than two miles to go.  As I neared my car and my watch clicked over to 15 miles, I cried.  Not a little teary eye cry… a full blown, glad no one was around, and hoping that I could pull my composure together to drive home kind of cry.  It felt great!

On my road to SpaceCoast, I will be running a few other races – check them out and join me if you can!:

Planned races
October: 51 miles
Susan G Komen 10K
Long Leaf Duathalon – Run 5K, Bike 15K, Run 5K
Run to Jodi’s House – Half Marathon
Frankenfooter Living Dead Challenge – 5K and Half Marathon
November: 32.4 miles
World Relief (Human Traffficking) 10K
Space Coast Marathon… Oh my, a MARATHON!
December: Nothing planned… yet!

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