Half Training For Fall 2013

I realized this weekend that I am only 9 weeks away from first half marathon of the next running season! After running my first half marathon in April of this year, I decided that I would make mastering the half my goal for this year. I’m still finishing up my summer faster 5K agenda (which I will update after my Friday Birthday 5K run!).

So half marathon… 13.1 miles! During the week I plan on running 3 days, cross training 3 days and a long run on Saturday morning!
August 17 – 4 miles CHECK!!
August 24 – 5 miles
August 31 – 6 miles
September 7 – 7 miles
September 14 – 8 miles
September 21 – 9 miles
September 28 – Beachbody Super Saturday… Wanna join me? Email me: jessicaspivey@me.com
October 5 – 9.3 miles at the Susan G Komen 10k and 5k Challenge – Join my team!
October 12 – Police Memorial 5K with a longer run on Sunday (aiming for 10 or 11 miles!)
October 19 – Rest and recovery!
October 26 – Living Dead Challenge Weekend – this is a 5k on Saturday and half marathon on Sunday challenge, but you can register for a single race as well!

So you want to run a half marathon. Where do you start? If you googled half marathon training, a huge list would pop up. I’ll defer to the experts and suggest you look at Hal Higdon’s Training Plans.

Feel free to find me on Facebook or email me if you’d like someone to keep you accountable in your training!

1 thought on “Half Training For Fall 2013”

  1. Why do I keep thinking about Forrest Gump?? I think you’re about to run as many miles as he did!! Just always run back home, okay?!!

    love you, Grandma

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