Guest blog: Fit Family Lifestyles on Vacation

20140215-075244.jpgBy: Kendra Thornton, Travel Expert – Visit Her Website

As a mom to three energetic children, I am active all year long. For as long as I can remember my mantra has been, “Look good – feel great.” Keeping this in mind ensures I make a daily effort to stay fit while at home or on the go. Vacation time approaching is no excuse to let fitness routines take a backseat. To prep a bit for our family’s 2014 travels, I would like to share with you the ways my family and I embrace health and wellness when hitting the road.

Pre-vacation Planning
Nearly everyone likes to bend diet guidelines while enjoying vacation. Feel free to spoil yourself to a degree while on vacation. This can be done sans guilt if pre-planning occurs. Working out a little harder and eating fewer calories during the weeks leading up to vacation afford vacationers a little leeway while relishing a break from daily routines.

Do Not Allow Snacking to Be Your Downfall
Planning ahead for needed snacks prevents consuming empty calories when mid-day hunger hits. Dried fruits, pretzels and string cheese are excellent items to pack when hitting the road. Granola bars and trail mix are much better than candy bars and chips impulsively purchased at road-side stops.

Pack Your Sneakers
Even if something has to be left behind, get those sneaks into your suitcase. When vacationing, a long walk or run is the perfect way to see more of the area you are visiting. In addition to making you a more seasoned traveler, setting out on foot fits in a good workout.

Comforts from Home Make a Better Transition for Little Ones
Proper rest is key to feeling healthy. A well-rested family maximizes vacation time. Young children sleep best when treasured items from home such as blankets, favored toys and books are packed for the journey. They are pacified in the car with such items and bedtime routines in a strange environment are less stressful on everyone.

Kendra’s three children

Create a Fit Plan
Mapping out fun stops with active entertainment options creates a road trip enjoyed by all. Kids and parents enjoy stretching their legs during stops at parks, hiking trails and outdoor museums and landmarks. The next stop on my family’s travels will be Florida in the next few weeks. I always check through Orlando hotels to see which offers a better package of amenities, activities and ideal location to the parks!

Family fitness should be prioritized on the road as it is at home. With a moderate amount of planning and some creativity, it is possible to remain dedicated to health and fitness when on the road. I hope some of my personal tips help you and I would love to hear what you do to stay fit with your family!

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