Growing Too Fast

Wow!  I can’t believe that Parker is 10 months old today.  It seems like time has flown by!  Parker is standing on her own and I bet she will be walking by Thanksgiving.  She is crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything!  She smiles and giggles when I walk in the door to get her from Irma’s after school!  I am looking forward to planning her first birthday.  I always made fun of people that made a huge deal of a child’s first birthday… but I am a convert!  I will be putting on more bells that I expected to when we celebrate her birthday in December, just two short months away!  Be watching Facebook for the details about her party.

Her big sister, Tori, preformed with the Steinbrenner High School Marching Band a few weeks ago at their homecoming game.  She did great!  I was so overwhelmed with emotions.  Yes, there were even a few tears shed.  I am so proud of her!  She has been recognized several times for being an amazing percussionist. She was chosen to play a very select instrument, the quads.  She was all the rage and they really want her to come to Steinbrenner next year!  She was selected to play a special portion in the Veteran’s Day assembly.  Could I say anymore?  As a veteran band nerd, this makes my heart skip a beat!  I loved band and the family that I got by being apart of such a group of people.  I really hope that she finds that same sense of belonging that I found!

Both of our girls are growing up too fast… Tori will be in high school next year and Parker is going to one year old in December.  My how time flies!  I love being their mom!

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