Golden Circle

This is a short clip of the TED Talks video on the Golden Circle.

This is pointed at marketing and business models, however I want you to think about how this could be used in your daily life.

I have reflected on this video from an educators stand point.  Some people asked me after getting our EOC results back this year and last year – “What did you do with your kids?” or “Why are your scores so much higher than mine?”.  This video puts an explanation to why more of my students succeed.  I start with the WHY and constantly remind my students of the WHY (formally and informally).  This can be different for every student.  For some students, passing a class and getting through the year is a good enough why.  For others, it is because a parent will be on their back if their grades aren’t ‘good enough’.  For others, it is because they love math and enjoy learning about it (yes, this is a very select few!).  The driving WHY that I try to instill in students is that they will one day go to college, find a job, own a home, have kids and somehow this Algebra or Geometry will be useful.

Starting with the WHY for our students is really the second step in the process.  As an educator, I have to start with the WHY for myself before I can address my students.  Why do I get up in the morning?  Why do I continue to push “that” student?  Why do I have more patience with my students?  Why do I give my students grace?  This WHY drives my feet to hit the floor on those mornings that I don’t feel like getting up!

Are you ready to get more out of your day?  Are you ready to enjoy your work days?  Are you ready to remember your purpose in doing what you do?  Take the challenge below.  It might take you 20 minutes or it might take you 3 hours.  But you owe it to yourself to remember the WHY and to make sure that your HOW and WHAT are supporting your WHY.

Golden Circle Challenge:

1. Watch the video above.  If it sparks something in you, google “The Golden Circle” and watch the longer version.
2. Draw the Golden Circle on a piece of paper. Or download this one: GoldenCircle
3. Fill in the circle for yourself.  Start in the middle.  WHY do you do what you do? (it can be business, or college courses, or your organization system, or family, or your hobby… whatever you choose.)
4. Fill in the HOW.  HOW are you currently doing what you addressed in the WHY?  Consider if this HOW makes sense for your WHY.  Does it need adjusting?
5. Fill in the WHAT.  What are you currently doing?  Consider if this WHAT makes sense for your WHY and HOW.  Does it need adjusting?
6. Post this somewhere that you can see it! Share it with someone who is a stakeholder in your WHY, HOW and WHAT!

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