Global Leadership Summit – Day 2 #GLS16

If you are just catching up, at the end of last week I attended the Global Leadership Conference.  Feel free to go back and read Day 1 first. Day 2 had a nice balance of business and spiritual leaders!  (These are not in any specific order)

During a panel that addressed Leadership Illustions, Shanuna Niequist (published author, but who also happens to be Bill Hybels daughter) shared a section from her book Present over Perfect.  As a mom, this title resonated with me and I had already purchased the book the day before. She spoke about how the hustle of life doesn’t allow for love to have a place in our lives – Love of God, love for family, friends, hobbies, spouse, etc.  If we don’t make room for that love, our lives will only be hustle – noise that makes us appear that we have it all together. I CAN NOT WAIT to read her book.  I have started and hope to finish soon!


Chris McChesney, Executive at Franklin Covey, talked about the 4 Disciplines of Execution: Focus, Leverage, Engagement and Accountability.  The theme through out his talk was including the team in the solution.  I posted the quote during the event and had a handful of people as me for clarification. So here’s the story he told… A valet company found that the largest predictor of customer satisfaction was car retreival time – which sounds about right if you have ever valeted your car. So they worked with each location to brainstorm with the team about how to reduce this retreival time. They came up with ideas like knowing what dates guests were checking out and having the cars rotated so their cars were in the front… Having a system that guests could text when they were ready for their car (text during a meeting or dinner so that their car was waiting on them at the front when they were done).  All amazing ideas, they saw a  huge drop in car retreival time and of course an increase in customer satisfaction, except in one Miami location.  During their discussion with employees they learned that they were having to park cars three deep which was very time consuming to retrieve the car in the rear – all of this was due to a half wall that was in the parking area that forced them to park three deep to accommodate all of the cars.  One of the workers took in upon himself, utilizing his father’s company’s construction equipment, to take the wall out.  Yes, concrete jack hammers, metal cutters, etc – hard work.  They did it voluntarily on non-work time.  All because they knew on a team member level what predictors drove customer satisfaction and they were brought in on the solution. Now read the quote below…


Makes more sense with the story – right? Including your team in on the solution will result in a higher level of “Buy In” from your team to do what it takes to get it done!

Erin Meyer, professor at Insead and author of the book The Culture Map, spoke about how global companies can encounter pit falls within their organization due to culture differences.  She covered things like context utilization, critism, and silence.  My favorite was silence.  There are cultures around the world that are highly comfortable with silence, these tend to be Asian, where they will take long pauses between speakers in their conversations.  To them this silence is respectful or thoughtful.  The responder is careful digesting the information before responding or adding to the conversation. Latin cultures on the other hand have a low comfort for silence and end up nearly talking over one another during a conversation. As you can imagine if you have a Latin and Asian culture collaborating on a project, there could be some clash of culture within their conversations if the teams are not made aware of the differences and they remain mindful of those differences within their work together.  She has free tools on her site to take a free self assessment to see where you fall on the cultural map as well as a 24 trial to overlay different cultures to see how the cultures that you work with measure up. For more, visit


TD Jakes is a name that can be found in many different areas of the world – pastor, author, movie producer, humanitarian and now day time TV host.  He said several very profound quotes that could each in their own right be a sermon series.

  • Not all haters are wrong.
  • We get trapped by titles.
  • What do I need to let go of in order to move on?
  • If I can convince my wife, I can convince you (not a sermon series, I just liked that one!)
  • You have to be intentional about love.
  • Give us today’s bread, stop trying to save yesterday’s bread.
  • And my favorite below…


He was not the last speaker, but he was the most memorable for me.  John Maxwell – a household name in most American homes and a leadership guru and coach! I had never heard him speak, but I was impressed. He talked about how to add value to people’s lives around you – intentionally, consciously and on purpose adding value to those around you.  His foundation for all of this is that God values all people and we should too.  Plain, simple – not rocket science!  The point that he made that hit me square in the eyes was… Are you a connector or a corrector? I find this in all areas of my life: I correct in my job to get cases issued, I correct at home so my four year old doesn’t make our house crazy, I correct in my marriage because I find it hard to not point out an issue, I correct in my blogging realm because I have a high expectation for myself.

Here is a very transparent moment that I hope some of you take and make into your own.  As a parent, I have only corrected my child’s bad behavior but I need to do better at connecting her to the thought process of why her first choice wasn’t a good one.  As an office admin I need to stop correcting my agent’s work and I need to start connecting them to the solutions that could have helped them on the front side of their issue. As a wife, I need to stop worrying about the details and start connecting with my husband in a collaborative way. Last, as a blogger, I can stop being a one woman show and I can connect with the people around me to better myself.


If you enjoyed anything from the Day 1 and Day 2 posts about Global Leadership Summit… You need to mark your calendar for August 10-11, 2017.  Here is the link for registration as well as a list of the host sites all over the nation! If you are a Van Dyke Church attender… Wait a little on registering, we will likely get our host site discount again next year!

Whether you lead a home, a business, a church group, a fitness group, a _______ (fill in your blank) – you are a leader! Be there with me next year!


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