Global Leadership Summit – Day 1 #GLS16

My brain is on overload from yesterday’s six amazing speakers but I wanted to share one nugget from each speaker that hit me!

First – Our host site, Van Dyke church is also our home church and I was fortunate enough to help serve this morning for check-in.

We started the morning with Bill Hybels speaking about the lenses of leadership. I was challenged by him to keep my passion bucket filled! Whether it’s trying to get motivated for a run or the sometimes mundane administrative duties I have at work – I need to remember the larger picture!

Next Alan Mulally challenged us to remember when we work as a team, it’s important to remember who you really work for! He took Ford from its financial trouble to a thriving company with a culture where people work together to fix issues instead of hiding issues.

I had never heard Melinda Gates speak, but I was thoroughly impressed by her. She challenged us to remember where our callings come from and push towards your callings despite what others may stay. Her stories about assisting women in third world countries reminded me that the heart of a mother is the same regardless of physical location – we all want to give our children the best things!

Since we were following the central time zone, we got lunch just after 1pm and my tummy was beginning to grumble by this time! They brought in food trucks for lunch and I had the best caprese salad!

Jossy Chacko… WOW! He was so passionate and challenged us to step out on the dreams God has placed on your heart. He reminded us that it’s important to embrace risk because our God is able to do exceedingly more than we could hope!

Then we learned about EQ – or emotional intelligence. There are a few basic tips to making sure that you are getting good rest that can instantly enhance your EQ!

If my brain wasn’t already on overload, we heard from Patrick Lencioni about the Ideal Team Player – one of three qualities of a perfect team player is humility! (The other two are hunger for the job and being smart in working with others). He also gave some great non- traditional tips for interviewing prospective employees – take prospective employees outside of the office to see how they handle dealing with people. 

Can’t believe that there is a second day… Excited to hear more great speakers and grow even more!

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