Glazer Children’s Museum and Splash Park for less than $20

Yesterday, Parker and I had an adventure with Yvonne and Julianna to the Glazer Children’s Museum. Julianna was the only one that had ever been before. Right now they have a cute Wizard of Oz exhibit!

I am a planner – most of you know that! So I did some researching on Trip Advisor before going. So I thought I’d share a few tips!

  1. Go early. We were there at 10am when they opened to make the most of our morning.
  2. Use a coupon! Check out this BOGO that Yvonne found! Disclaimer: only good weekdays and until 9/30/15 Click here for coupon
  3. Pack a lunch! After being inside the museum it was nice to enjoy lunch outside at Curtis Hixon park.
  4. Pack a bathing suit or extra set of clothes! The girls enjoyed the splash park – although Parker didn’t love the water shooting in her face when she looked down.

Cost: Admission $15 and parking $4.80! 

Some photos from our fun:



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