#Giveaway: Finding a Balance with Cheat Meals

Back in January we celebrated National Cheat Day with Datz… and y’all know I can enjoy a good cheat! I believe in balance. Yes, fruits and veggies are important, but sweets are a nice treat as long as they are had in moderation!

I was able to enjoy a date night with my hubby thanks to my relationship with Datz and the Tampa Bay Bloggers! All opinions are my own!

So when I have cheat meal, what is on the menu thanks to Datz?!  First we enjoyed a beverage, I had the Rad Rita (pictured above) and the hubby had a beer. Then on to appetizers – Fried Mac and Cheese bites – or “Mac Bites”. So yummy – with a hint of spice!

On to dinner with the Tuna Poke Tacos and “Put a Steak in it” Salad.  We decided to be good with dinner because dessert is more important to me than splurging on dinner!

Then dessert – while you can order dessert at the table, I enjoy going down to the cases to make my choice!  With chocolates, macaroons, cakes, cupcakes and so much more, it is hard to choose!

Finding balance with your cheat meals is important – but when you do have a cheat meal make sure it’s a good one!  Now onto the important part – you want to enjoy a cheat meal with your hubby, best friend or children?  Enter to win a $100 gift card to Datz below by commenting with who you would like to share your cheat meal with!

Contest will run from Friday, March 31st to Friday, April 7th at midnight! You can enter more than once, by commenting more than once!


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