Gasparilla Part 3: History and Virtual Run Results

If you have not already done so, please read Part 1 and Part 2 to catch up!

This is my third year running Gasparilla and every year I have had an issue in forgetting something!  So I thought I would share the history – there is just something about Gasparilla that causes my memory to go crazy.

jess2013 – This was my first year running Gasparilla and I ran the 5K.  It was second EVER 5k.  I had gotten all of my stuff together that morning and piled in the car.  About 3-4 miles down the road I went to put my shoes on and realized that I didn’t have them.  So we returned to the house to discover that I had put my shoes on the top of the car and they had fallen off in our neighborhood, luckily they had not been run over or stolen!

20140223-171628.jpg2014 – This was my first year running with Team Freedom and my first year running a challenge (the Lime – 15K and 8K challenge). After the dinner with Team Freedom on Friday night, David and I decided to stay in a hotel in downtown Tampa that evening so I could be down in Tampa for the 15K early on Saturday morning.  Upon arriving at the hotel, I started my normal “night before a race” routine.  As I laid out my outfit, I discovered that I did not have my shoes.  (yes, I know! The most important part!)  So I called Caitlyn, who was also running the 15K the following morning, to see if she had an extra pair that she could bring to the race.  That Saturday morning, I walked barefoot with socks in hand to meet her at the start line to borrow a pair of shoes!

IMG_46302015 – This was my second year with Team Freedom and second year running the Lime Challenge. On the second morning, I could not locate my race bib.  I searched my car and called home to have the hubby see if I had forgotten it at home!  He couldn’t find it and neither could I.  So I had to go to the race director on the morning of the 8K and beg for a bib.  They were gracious enough to give me a plain 8K bib so that I was able to run.  It wasn’t connected to me for race result purposes, however I was able to run!

Next year I plan on running the Amber Challenge (15K, 5K and Half Marathon).  I don’t think I will run the 8K again.  With a start time of 9am, the 8K is rather hot!

Virtual Race Results
Amount Raised: $553
Number of Participants: 11 (and one mystery donor that got me over my fundraising goal!)
Number of Virtual Miles Run: 116.9 miles

I am so grateful for this group of people!  Not only do they share my heart for those that aren’t free to run yet, but they put action to that heart.  Thank you from a heart of gratitude!!!  YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

That’s the end of my Gasparilla Tale!  Thank you for reading!


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