Friday Five: Sweet Tooth Tampa

This week, I was invited to attend a private event at The Sweet Tooth Cakery in Tampa! It was a neat time and I got to meet a few new bloggers!

So I’ve created my own Friday Five for this week! Five delicious treats!!

1. Milkshakes
We were greeted at the door with a Blue Bell Birthday Cake Milkshake! It was delicious and adorably decorated.


2. Cupcakes
We were asked to try three new flavors of cupcakes! My very favorite was the sweet potato pie cupcake! At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it, but then I tasted it! It was amazing! It was a sweet potato cake with a marshmallow icing drizzled with a little bit of caramel! There was also a delicious chocolate cupcake and a chicken and waffle cupcake. The chicken and waffle was an interesting combination for a ‘dessert’.


3. Cake pops
Parker got in on the fun with the cake pop! She wasn’t exactly sure what to do with it first and then dove in!


4. Lattes
As a brief intermission between cupcakes, we enjoyed a S’mores Latte! It has a marshmallow-y foam on the top and it was sprinkled with graham crackers! They have all kinds of flavors – I can’t wait to go back and try the snickers latte!


5. Chocolate Chip Cookie Cup with milk
This was the highlight of the night! A bite of cookie and then a sip of milk! Yumm! The cup was sturdy, but soft enough to eat and was coated with chocolate to ensure the milk would hold! This item was previewed to us and then released to their customer base the following day! We were the first to eat… drink… I mean eat it!


I’m excited to announce that I have a $20 gift certificate to GIVE AWAY!!!
How so you enter?
Comment below with the most unique, adventurous or interesting flavor cupcake you’ve ever eaten!
A winner will be announced next Friday, August 15th at 5pm!!

6 thoughts on “Friday Five: Sweet Tooth Tampa”

  1. Where was I when this blogging event was being offered? Hello? Pregnant mama around sweets?? Maybe that’s why I wasn’t. LOL. I’m totally kidding.
    It looks like a great time was had. And your daughter certainly didn’t look like she minded all the sweets treats.

  2. Such a “sweet” post!! 🙂 The most unusual flavor dessert I have had was a handmade BACON donut with maple syrup glaze. Tasted like an entire breakfast in each bite! 🙂

  3. Great read. The cookie cup looks amazing! The most unique cupcake I’ve eaten was a drunken monkey cupcake! It was a rich chocolate cupcake topped with a banana liqueur buttercream icing. It was one of the most divine creations I’ve ever had.

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