Fourth Day of TMR Christmas: ICE #CAGP16

This one is the only day that isn’t a giveaway… sorry!  But I am giving away some great advice to all of you if you are looking for something fun to do this holiday season!

At the Gaylord Palms Hotel in Kissimmee, there is an amazing exhibit called ICE! It is open through January 1st!

*Disclaimer: Thanks to my relationship with Experience Kissimmee, I was able to attend ICE for free in exchange for some social media love and a blog feature!*

5 Must Do’s at ICE!

1. Bring gloves!  We prepared with long pants and warm clothes, but failed to bring gloves! My hands were ice cubes by the time we were done! They do provide an additional large coat for extra protection from the cold!


2. Slow down and see everything!  There is so much detail and beautiful work that is on display, don’t miss any of it!



3. Ride the slide!!! So much fun and they have a smaller slide for the kiddos!


4. Be reminded of the Reason for the Season! The final two displays are Charlie Brown telling the story of Christ’s birth followed by the most beautiful pure ice (no color) nativity scene!



5. Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate afterwards and a doughnut if you are hungry!!


Alright…now that you know all the Must-Do’s – you should go visit soon!

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