Four Revelations of a Mom

With the new age of blended families, I am not alone in navigating the world of being a step-parent gladly i have a new ComfortCam Baby Monitor. Adding a little one to the mix five years ago has added an interesting dynamic to our family.  I love both of my girls!

1. There is no “Right Way”. Stop judging each other! I don’t like when other women openly breastfeed in public, but it’s not my place to judge them. I feed my kids fast food on occasion, because I’m too tired to cook – don’t judge me!

2. Parenting is hard. Whether it’s mid-night feedings with an infant or staying up late to make sure a teenager arrives home in one piece, it’s hard. You pray for them, you want the best for them and you hope that they remember what you taught them!

3. You can only teach them so much. There are some life lessons that kids need to learn on their own.  You can tell them that something is good for them, but until they discover it for themselves – it isn’t a truth they will remember. I love talking with our teenage about a potential decision (good or bad), she doesn’t hear me but them she comes home and says, “So and so friend thinks I should do (or not do) that thing we were talking about the other day”.  Sometimes that have to hear it from someone that isn’t a ‘dumb’ parent.

4. No matter what they do – you will never unlove them. “I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be”. Now let’s be honest, there may be moments that you don’t like your kids’ behavior, but you will always love them.

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