Five Weeks Later

I cant believe that I have been teaching for 5 weeks. It feels so good to be back. I love being with the students and seeing their lightbulbs turn on. For some of them it takes a little longer, but when it happens, it is very cool.

So two weeks ago I said that I had an exciting story and couldn’t wait to blog about it. I typed it all out and apparently didn’t hit save. Boo… So here it is again, probably not as good as the first time though.

Our school is broken up into 4 learning communities. In my learning community, there are several negative people. They just can’t make a positive statement. I don’t think it is possible and I am genuinely trying to learn to pray for them. I have resorted to taking my lunch back to my room so that I don’t have to eat lunch with the other teachers in the work room.
A few weeks ago I left my lunch on the counter before I headed out the door in the morning. There is a french teacher in my learning community that always eats from the cafeteria, so I went to him and asked if he would wait for me so that he could show me where to go. He said no problem and he showed me where to get lunch. I returned to my room and ate lunch.
The next day this same teacher came down to my room and asked if I had remembered my lunch. I said no and he responded – Great, I will come get you for lunch because we have been invited to an intervention. I had to idea what he was talking about but I agreed. He took me down to another learning community to eat lunch with folks that aren’t negative. They make a choice not to talk about school during lunch. They talked about what they were doing for the weekend, etc.
It was an intervention for me! And it was so needed!

More stories to come soon! Some of these stories you just can’t make up, they have to be real!

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