Five Questions for A Running Momma

Ever consider running with your kids?  Here’s five questions that I have been asked about running with Parker, my three year old:

1. What kind of stroller do you have? Honest – it’s a $20 garage sale special!  It is a generic brand.  Some people swear by one brand or another, but for me it hasn’t mattered.  The only recommendation that I will make is to have a swivel wheel in the front – not a stationary wheel! I’ve had both!

2. How do you keep her occupied? Two items – food and books.  Either Fruit Loops for breakfast or goldfish for the afternoon.  We have a Snackees cup that we were introduced to by Yvonne and her daughter!  Total life saver in the snack department when running!

3. How far can you run with her?  The furthest I’ve ever run with her is about 5 miles, by that point she is ready to be home or needs to use the restroom!

4. Do you let her run?  Yes!  About every mile, I let her get out and run for a little bit.  She can only run about a tenth or so of a mile before she is out of breath.  Then we get back in the stroller and go again!

5. Do you listen to music when you run with her? Not normally. Normally when I run with Parker, we are running with Yvonne and Juliana (a fellow running momma and her almost 4 year old!).  We chat and run while the girls trade toys – we have gotten very good at getting them close enough to share toys or snacks without having a crash!  If Parker and I run alone, I have a speaker in my stroller that connects to my phone so that she can hear the music too.

So what about you?  Do you run with your kiddos?  What are your “tricks of the trade”?

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  1. My kids are older…so no stroller. I have, on occasion let them ride their bikes while I run alongside them. I am not a very fast runner, so sometimes they leave me behind…but at least we are all out of the house in the fresh air moving 🙂

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