Fitting Fitness into a Full Time Life

I’ve had several questions about how I run so much and still have a full time job and full time wife/mommy duties. So I thought I would share a few tips.  In the interest of full disclosure – I am not perfect at all or any of these, but when I do these I can tell a difference in my mental clarity and physical health! 

4 Tips for Fitting Fitness into a Full-Time Life

  1. Find your niche – whether it is running, fitness classes at the Y or local fitness shop, or DVD workouts at home.  Find what you get the most our of.  What gives you the best workout and leaves you feeling totally drained in that awesome way that working out can?  It is different for everyone.  Maybe it’s a mix of things that keeps it interesting.  It doesn’t matter what it is but find what works for you.
  2. Make a schedule – if you don’t preplan, it will always fall apart.  They told me this about lesson plans when I was teaching and I was the master at improvising – some of my best lessons were on the fly and unplanned fun learning experiences.  THIS DOES NOT APPLY to fitness.  You see, I had to teach those silly kids sitting in front of me.  You don’t have to work out.  If you don’t plan and schedule it, you will find an excuse or a reason to not do it!
  3. Involve your kids!  I am in a weird place with a teenager and a toddler.  It’s hard to involve either one of these in a workout.  The teenager doesn’t like running and the toddler ends up screaming in the jogging stroller and I’m a mile from the house… fun!  But if you have kids from 5-12, have them ride a bike or rollerblade while you run.  Or have them join you in doing your workout video at home… share fitness and healthy habits with your kiddos!
  4. Get support!  I have an amazing husband who understands the importance of my mental release for running!  Sometimes he even suggests a run when I am a little more than annoying. (He’d never say that though!) Share with your spouse or someone that could keep your kiddos for a half an hour how important your fitness is to you.  Tell them how much energy you get from it, tell them how it relieves stress, tell them about your goals for loosing weight or running faster…. just share with them!  If they love you – they will find a way to help!

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