First Public Appearance

Last Wednesday, I stayed at school late to get some stuff taken care of, ran a few errands near school and then went to play Bunco with some teachers! I have never played Bunco before, but it was fun and I won the Bunco prize for having the last Bunco of the night. It was a neat tart warmer, but I kind of wish I had won money! 🙂

Anyway, so I ran two errands after I finished at school. First errand to get more coffee! Then to Petsmart to get Sophie some winter shirts. She was so cold the other night that she snuggled under the covers all night. On my way out of Petsmart a convertible car pulled up at the front door. It was a student that I saw a total of 4 times – he dropped out to go into the GED program. He was dropping of presumably this brother and their dog to go to the vet or groomer. He took a double take and say, “Hey Mrs”. I wasn’t sure what to say but Hi.

It is amazing to see a student’s reaction to seeing their teachers in public. I think they believe that we don’t have lives or ever leave school!

David’s best friend and best man in our wedding, Cory and his wife Jenna will be coming to visit this Thursday through next Monday! We have had fun trying to plan stuff for them to do!

And thanksgiving…. What are you doing for thanksgiving? After all the dust settled, Delaine, Kip, David and I are making a trip down to Key West for Thanksgiving. We all wanted to do something different… So it will be fun!! I am sure there will be tons of pictures!
Enjoy your Thanksgiving, whatever you are doing!

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