Fall/Winter Running Schedule 2016-17

My calf is at about 95% healed and I have had several productive runs in the last few weeks.  Adding Orangetheory to my workout regime has given me some running miles that I wasn’t counting on – and some intervals which is good for me!

So… What’s on my calendar for Fall/Winter?

October 2 – Volunteering with Ansley’s Angels at the DeSoto 15K & 5K

October 9 – Run to Jodi’s Half Marathon! Wouldn’t miss this for the world!!!

October 30th – Halloween Halfathon

Nothing in November or December – Training for Disney Marathon

January 8th – Disney Full Marathon

January 15th – Houston Half! This is very near Lauren – so I will get to visit with her family – her aunt and I will run together for this race!

February 4th – BDR Safety Harbor 15K and 5K

February 24th – Princess 5K with Joshua and Alexandria!  Alexandria has Rett Syndrome and will be riding in the 5K!

February 25-26th – Team Freedom and the Gasparilla Half Marathon (Be on the look out for the virtual run as I fundraise again for Hope for Justice to fight human trafficking!)

That’s it folks.. yes, there is a marathon in there, but not a crazy schedule by any stretch compared to last year’s 3 marathons in less than 4 months!

What about you?  What events are on your running wish list this year?

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