Early Debute!

Family and friends –
It seems as though this baby wants to make an early debute! I spent an afternoon in labor and delivery last week only to find out that I am two centimeters dilated and having mild contractions (I kept thinking they were silly Braxton Hicks). With that being said, they put me on meds to make contractions stop. We had to double the dose over the weekend, but so far it had been successful in slowing things down.

The goal is to keep little Parker baking until 36 weeks at the minimum, which is on December 16th. At this point they will take me off the meds at let my body do what it was made to do!

All of this sort of caught us off guard, and we realized that we weren’t ready to bring a baby home. With me on bedrest, David has been a busy man. 🙂

Keep us in your prayers as I do my best to just rest and wait! We could have a baby before Christmas! Oh my!

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  1. My exact sentiments too!!! OH MY!!!
    But, you’ll both do fine. If she was 5 lbs. a few weeks ago, maybe
    she’s 5 1/2 now so yep, I say let nature take its course. Of course,
    I’m not the doctor so do what the doctor says. Just don’t worry,
    Little Mama. Just enjoy every single minute of this miracle.

    I love you, Jessica. If you need me, just let me know.

    And oh yeah, thank you for letting us know about all this!!!

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