Dumbo Double Dare – Saturday: 10K, Disneyland and Pasta Party

Did you miss Friday?  Read this first!

After our adventure Friday, we set our alarm clocks to maximize sleep.  We were out of the hotel by 4:15 am and at the start line in plenty of time for some silly photos!

  Our plan was simple: Take it easy, stay together and take one character photo.  With six RunDisney races between us, not a one of us had ever stopped for a photo.  We either feared the lines for characters or the balloon ladies!
One difference between Disney World and Disneyland is the fireworks.  We are accustom to a large display of fireworks for every corral start.  We experienced no fireworks for the 10K.  After some thought, I’m sure the drought is a small factor in this decision (sarcasm).  So I won’t hold it against runDisney for depriving me on my fireworks announcing my start onto the race course.

Of course there were marching bands… I love seeing these high school kids up early out doing this – they high five and cheer runners on in between their fun songs!
A quick stop in California Adventure in front of the Mickey Wheel.
Through the tunnel between California Adventure and Disneyland. Sorry for my blurry photo!  And on into Disneyland.

Mission Accomplished: First Character Photo for all of us during a runDisney race!  Disney maintained the Villian theme throughout the entire weekend!  Around Disneyland and back to the castle for a quick run through!
Race #1 Done in the Dumbo Double Dare.  Amazing how fast a race can go by when you are running in Disneyland with some fun ladies!

We made our way back to the hotel for a quick shower and a power nap.  As we were planning our trip, I wasn’t too excited about this idea, but after a late night and an early morning – a nap was exactly what I needed.  A birthday cake pop and a frappuccino to fuel the afternoon and we were off to Disneyland!
Now to the overload of photos! The entire park was extra decorated for the 60th anniversary of Disneyland!  During our corn dog lunch, we were surprised by a marching band!
We made our stop by City Hall for our pins.  I told the lady I couldn’t decide between a birthday button or a first time button and she said, “Why not have both?”  So I did!  Attached to my 10K medal, I wore both buttons like a true tourist!  We rode the Toy Story ride – similar to the ride in California Adventure, but we were in control of the turning of the ‘spaceship’.  Lost of fun!
A quick ride with C3P0 and R2D2 on Star Tours!  Check out our sweet 3D glasses! (yes, a man appeared… he is Autumn’s husband!)
We stumbled upon Peter Pan on our way to watch the parade!  Katie’s kids love Peter Pan so she facetimed with her kids when she met him.  So cute!   Is my hair a hot mess or what? I couldn’t care less – I was in Disneyland!
A Disney trip isn’t complete without eating something shaped like Mickey!

A few photos from the parade.  The most interesting part was seeing the parade stop unexpectedly and several managers go running… apparently there was a stilt man with some technical difficulty a little before us in the parade route.

  We had a small window of time before the Pasta Party, so we road the Storybook Land Canal Boats.  A cute miniature adventure through the inspiration for some of Walt Disney’s stories.  Cute, but not worth more than a 10 minute wait.
By this time we were getting hungry – 6:30pm Pacific Time = 9:30pm Eastern Time! So onto the Pasta Party.  They opened right on time and had several food stations to accommodate the crowd.  Even though there was a good number of people, it didn’t feel crowded at all.  The food spread had plenty of options and lots of carbs!  They maintained the villian theme with not only the table setting, but the characters that were available for photos. 
  We waited in line for the evil stepmother and step sisters from Cinderella.  The step sisters stayed in character while they met Autumn’s husband.  They gawked over him until they realized he was married – “Does he have any brothers?”.  One of the sister’s noticed my birthday button and asked, “Oh, it’s your birthday, what did you bring me?” I am always impressed with the commitment to the character that these cast members have!
  Other characters: Maleficent, Cruella, Shadow Man (from Princess and the Frog)
  After one last ride on Nemo’s Underwater Adventure, we indulged in a Dole Whip!
Back at the hotel, we prepared for the half marathon and said goodnight! 

Keep reading….Sunday!

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