Don’t write your own story | Planning for 2018

Disclaimer: this is written from a Christian perspective. If you are not a Christian, this article may not apply to you, but feel to keep reading!

In a world of forging your own path, charging forward after your path and creating your own destiny, I want to challenge you to stop trying to write your own story and let God write a story that is even more amazing!

Why would we want to let go of the reigns of our dreams and plans for 2018? Let’s look at what God’s word has to say about His plans!

His plans are good. Who doesn’t want a future and a hope?

His plans will be completed. There are some days I feel like I start 5 projects but complete nothing! What a relief to know that what God starts… He finishes!

His plans will prevail. If what I have originally planned isn’t in line with God’s will it may come to fruition but it will not be easy or without hardship.

His plans are bigger and better than you could dream. If his plans are infinitely more than I can ask or think… seriously those are BIG dreams.

Now please don’t misunderstand, once you’ve prayed about, sought council for, and have a peace about a direction that God has given you – GO FOR IT! I’m not saying to not follow the dreams that God has given you. But before you go for a dream, check in with God. Ask the important question – is what I’m dreaming in line with God’s plan for my life?

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