#DisneyTipTuesday – Take the kids to Epcot! 

Some folks think that because Epcot is known for its adult drinking around the world that it’s not a good place for kids… I highly disagree! Because of this view, Epcot can offer lower wait times for the rides and shows that little ones love.

Rides and Shows. From classic Figment, Pixar shorts to the Nemo ride and aquarium! There is a lot to do with little ones that generally doesn’t have a long wait!

Characters. There are so many characters scattered through out the park! Most of them with short waits! Not just characters, but unique characters… you can’t meet Mexico Donald anywhere else! 


Education. If you’d like to enjoy some beverages and walk around the world, I would recommend letting your kids participate in the Kidcot Stops! Every country has one and kids learn a little something about the rest of the world along their journey! In our time as passholders we have only made one full Duffy bear with all of the country stops!

So if you are heading to Disney soon with little ones… make sure you visit Epcot. And hey, if the kids start to get crazy you can always enjoy an adult beverage and their behavior will bother you just a little less!

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