#DisneyTipTuesday – Lessons from LaLuna

La Luna is the story of a boy trying to figure out how to the job of a big man… he has two role models and as you follow him through the story, he doesn’t follow either mans example, but rather he makes his own.

Don’t be afraid of going after a goal because of your age.  It’s easily apparent that the little boy is much younger than the two gentleman, yet he takes his job head on and gets it done!

Be sensitive to your surroundings. Without paying attention to the little stars, the little boy would not have known what to do with the big ones!

Forge your own way. Both role models got the job done, but the little boy decided that he wanted to create his own path – be his own person. In doing so he taught the two older men a thing or two.

Haven’t seen it?  It’s worth the watch!

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