#DisneyTipTuesday: Festival of Fantasy Parade

The parade is fantastic!  The music and the characters are engaging!  This parade happens at 3pm every day.  For parents with children, this time of day is what I call the bewitching hour.  It can be amazing or it can be disasterous!  If your kids haven’t had a nap, it could be a bad time to worry about saving a stop for the parade and asking them to be still.  This is frustrating for all involved and generally leads to yelling.

Two important things to consider if you are planning on staying with little ones to see this parade:

  1. Occupy them!  Bring a coloring book, game on a phone or buy them an ice cream.  This is your time to be a bad mom! This is also a great time to take pictures!  Main Street tends to clear out closer to the time of the parade and you can jump out for a quick photo with less people in the background!  I took this photo of Parker right before the parade.
  2. Choose your place wisely.  The parade ends at the entrance of Magic Kingdom. If you plan on leaving after the parade, I would highly recommend that you sit near the entrance.  I have found that right in front of the train station is a great place for viewing as well as a quick exit after the parade ends.  If you decide to watch the parade further in the park, you will be following the parade out.  If you want to get a head start on the crowd exiting, then sit in the yellow areas below.  I would not recommend sitting on the left hand side of the street as you are looking at the castle – it will be harder to make a quick exit!

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