DF Grille Tampa – A MUST VISIT

A few weeks ago, a group of bloggers invaded the DF Grille in Tampa near International Plaza and I was fortunately enough to be apart of this group.

When I go to events for bloggers, this is how we roll… we take pictures of everything and we post, Instagram, tweet and otherwise share all over social media! This picture gives you a good idea of what a blogger event looks like – I especially like the look on the waitresses face – most restaurants that we go to end up thinking we are a little nuts… and we are!I arrived a few minutes late and came in on the end of the first two dishes that highlighted their new “Grab a Pair” Lunch for $12!  What a great deal! You can pair one of their signature lunch dishes with a soup or salad!  Below are what is left of the fish tacos!  A hint of spiciness but not too much!
Below is the lone ranger “Lollipop Chicken Wing” – they had devoured the rest of the plate before I got there.  It was a super tender piece of meat that literally fell off the bone, but the bone made eating these delicious treats not as messy as normal chicken wings!Another yummy appetizer was their guacamole!  Chunky with lots of flavor, but not too salty or spicy!  Yummy!
They brought us several salads to try a bite of two of. The first was the The Grille Salad – clearly a unique salad with lots of yummy flavors.  Below is the Heirloom Tomato and Burrata salad… I have to say, I’ve never had burrata, but I dove in and tried it.  Delicious!
A little cocktail for lunch so we could all go back to work! This is their Signature VIP made with Sweet Hawaiian Pineapple infused Clementine Vodka – I am not generally a vodka fan, but this was sweet and smooth!  A must have! On to entrees – a Lamb Burger served with Sweet Potato fries!
Asian Pork Sandwich…  (take note of the adorable ketchup bottles that they send with fries!  How cute!
And last – the Green Chili Cheeseburger.  This was personally my favorite of the three entrees! By this point I was nearly full… but those of you that know me, know that I can’t turn down a dessert!

So below we have the lemon cake and Butterscotch pudding with a salted caramel topping… my favorite?  The Pudding! I could have eaten a whole one by myself!
Ok… so are you hungry yet? I am just writing about it!

Go check out the rest of their menu and set a reservation soon!

DF Grille Website


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