Dealing with an Injury

Before Boston I could tell that I was having an issue with my right calf, but in true “Jessica” form I continued to push.  I was running Boston no matter what!

After Boston I had trouble walking and gave myself three weeks of rest from everything! I then returned to my normal workouts with Claudia earlier this week and attempted to run 3 miles.  I only made it two and I was in pain on the way back.

After a visit to a sports medicine doctor (who happens to be the team doctor for two local colleges), he deemed that I have a pull in my soleus muscle.  So four weeks of no running and four weeks of physical therapy.  I can do non-impact stuff – swimming and biking as long as I don’t have pain.  Pain = STOP.

So, here’s the 5 steps to dealing with an injury as a runner.
Disclaimer: Don’t actually follow these, this is for comedic value only! Most runners would confirm that this is 100% accurate!

  1. Denial – We would rather pretend that everything is ok.  So we do, we continue running and tell ourselves that I just need to run it out.
  2. Disregard – After the run it out phase, we throw all caution to the wind and have complete disregard for our health and we continue to push through. We know we shouldn’t but we have a goal in sight.
  3. Pain – The pain become real – or we finally admit that we are even in pain. Generally this comes after the goal is reached.
  4. Whining – We whine for quite some time before our friends and family around us hold us hostage – “Go get help or I’m going to… fill in the blank”
  5. Seek help towards recovery – At this point we finally seek help.  In reality if we had put step 5 first, we might have saved ourselves the injury altogether.

Most runners push through this process because they are training for an event, in my case Boston.  We generally have financially committed to the event with race registration, hotel, airfare, fundraising, etc that compel us to keep pushing.

Would I do it again?  Yes – no question, Boston was an amazing experience and I already had thousands of dollars invested in the trip in addition to the fundraising! So for now I will take it easy – the good news is that I have nothing that I am pushing for in the next few months.  Once my body is ready to run again, I will get back after it!

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