#Currently: September 2016

Can you believe that we are only four months away from 2017?  I sure can’t!

So here’s what’s going on…

Training for… Weight Loss and Disney Marathon (yes, I know those things to runners are counter intuitive!). We are doing a weight loss challenge among our team at work and I am very excited for it.  After a lazy, calorie filled summer I now weight 10 pounds more than after I delivered Parker.  Yes, over the last four years I have gained more muscle thanks to my running and cross training, but there is some extra weight that needs to go.  I had not stepped on the scale in several months, but I can tell you that I could feel a difference in the way my clothes fit and that is super important especially to women!

Reading… Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist.  After hearing the speakers at the Global Leadership Summit, her book was the one I was anxious to read!

Excited about… Florida BlogCon!  It will be my first blogger conference. As I have tried to take this blogging thing a little more serious.  Can’t wait to learn new things and share ideas with the ‘big boys and girls’ in the Florida Blogging Scene! If you’d like to join me, use TBayBloggers for a discount!

Proud of… Surviving my first cruise!  I was so nervous about getting sea sick and I had no issues!  I did have trouble sleeping on the last night due to rough seas, but felt sick at all! I’ve already talked to my travel agent about booking another cruise for our 10th anniversary next year!  Tori and I already have one scheduled for February for a mother/daughter cruise to celebrate her Senior Year!

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