Currently… June 2016

There are a times when a monthly update is necessary and it might become a regular feature!

So here is what I am currently…

Thinking: I have got to get back to running.  I am seeing results with the physical therapy, but I am really starting to get antsy.  Since Boston I have run/walk 4 miles total in almost two months.  It’s time to get back after it!

Training for:  I know this is contrary to what I just typed above, but I have to have a goal in sight for coming back.  My goal is to complete a sprint triathlon at the end of the summer.  I have my sights set on the Crystal River Triathlon the first weekend in September.

Reading: Building a Framework: The Ultimate Blogging Guide.  I am determined to make something of this blog and am taking the steps to take myself a little more seriously.  I have already put together some great content, but there is more to come!  You didn’t see any of this on the front side of my blog, but I switched to a self-hosted version back in March ALL BY MYSELF!  I was uber proud of my tech skills and how quickly I was able to make it happen.  So you may see more changes coming, hopefully all positive (but if you see something weird, don’t hestiate to let me know!)

Working towards: Becoming a certified running coach.  This is a BHAG – Big Hairy Audacious Goal!  I would eventually like to be available to help those that are new to running, wanting to tackle a new distance or reach a new PR. I have been a small part of a few people’s journey and it was super rewarding and fun!  I hope to make it an official service to be available to those that want help!

Proud of: my kids!  My oldest just finished her junior year in high school and my youngest just preformed in her first dance recital and nailed it! The oldest has a job, does well in school and has surrounded herself with some sweet girl friends! Ok, I’m going to stop right now before this momma gets teary eyed!  There will probably be some pretty emotional post within the next year – I will have a high school graduate ready to go to college as well as a VPK graduate ready to go to big girl school!

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