Cruise Review: Silver Sea Muse

Recently, my husband and I had the opportunity due travel on the Silver Sea Muse for a 7 day Caribbean cruise. Please keep in mind that my experience may be different than the standard experience as this was a chartered cruise that my husband earned as a production reward for his business.

First a few stats about the Muse.  It was recently built in 2017 – so everything is brand new and in pristine shape. The ship holds 596 passengers and 408 crew. Our charter was 520 passengers and were fairly close to a 1:1 ratio of crew to passengers.  As a reference, most Royal Caribbean or Carnival cruises have a 1:2 crew to passenger ratio or even higher. As another comparison, the smallest Royal Caribbean or Carnival cruises hold just over 2,000 passengers and crew, while their largest reach over 6,000 passengers alone! You can see a comparison picture below. While you may think – may then it must have been a small ship, it was incredibly spacious and pleasant not to feel like we were sitting or walking on top of other people while we enjoyed the ship!


Room: We were in a Deluxe Veranda Suite that had 387 square feet – and this is one of the smaller suites on the ship. We had plenty of room and didn’t feel like we were getting ready in each other’s space for dinner. Here’s a ship plan if you are interested. Each room is serviced by a butler and maid. Mini bar is stocked with your personal requests and the room was serviced twice a day to ensure everything was clean.

The view from our balcony as we entered into St Kitts.

Service: Our experience with service overall was impeccable! I’m not sure that I could emphasis this enough.  If you’ve been on a cruise before you know that the staff does their best to provide you with everything you request, but this was to the Nth degree. We did have one night at dinner that the server was less than the Nth degree, but perhaps he was new or overwhelmed by the table load he was given.

Food: Would you believe that between my doctor’s appointments before and after our cruise I didn’t gain any weight?  When we went on the cruise I was 19, almost 20 weeks pregnant. While it certainly wasn’t any relation to the quantity of food that I ate, it likely was due to the quality.  I easily ate my weight in food, however the food quality was above anything that I’ve ever eaten on a cruise. Every dish was carefully crafted and plated to almost look like art. Here’s are a few photos to make you drool.

Breakfast Buffet selections on the deck


Lobster with Buttered Mashed Potatoes – this was one of my favorites!
Delicious Strawberry and Chocolate Dessert
Vanilla Bean and Ginger Creme Brulee

Entertainment: While we didn’t make it to the late night entertainment and shows (which we heard were amazing!), we did enjoy the day time trivia, sudoku challenge, and bingo!  The entertainment staff was funny and you could tell they loved their jobs. On two occasions that we were docked beside other ships, the cruise director would give us the other ship’s stats and a funny story.  He had been on several cruise lines and had some good stories to tell!

Destinations: We made some amazing stops: the cruise started in Puerto Rico before stopping in St Kitts, St Barts, Tortola, Dominican Republic and Grand Turk.  We ended out journey in Ft Lauderdale, FL. We didn’t venture too much on any of the islands, as the concern of Zika was present due to pregnancy. We did enjoy two excursions. The first was a semi-sub on St Kitts. The vessel didn’t dive down, but rather we traveled into the hull of the boat that provided glassed views of the ocean floor where we saw fish, reefs, and a sunken ship from a hurricane over a decade ago.  The sunken ship can provide views or sharks or other creatures, but we weren’t lucky enough to see them on this trip.

The second was a beach and lunch afternoon in the Dominican Republic. We enjoyed both of these! In the picture below you can see the ship in the distance, just to the right of the tree.

Our most favorite stop for shopping and enjoying the port was in Grand Turk.

Overall, we thoughrouly enjoyed our trip on the Silver Sea Muse and have now been spoiled with a truely all inclusive cruise experience. We are grateful for the opportunity to take trips like this but I can tell you that my hubby works very hard to earn them!  You may remember in years past we have been to places like Hawaii and Washington DC through this same incentive program.

Got to experience a tender for the first time on this cruise.

All inclusive disclaimer: only three items cost additional on a Silver Sea cruise – wines above and beyond their house wine selection, any excursions you select, and dinner at two of the higher end restaurant experiences. We did the partake in the French restaurant La Dame and paid an extra $60 per person for dinner – which was a minor expense for the experience and culinary cuisine that they offered.

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