Ten Confessions of a Teacher


Am I ruling teaching out for the future – of course not! But I have done some reflecting in the last week as the realization that I’m not going to be a teacher.

I already miss the kids.
I don’t miss jumping through the hoops of education.
I miss my teacher friends.
I am an educator at my core – no matter where I am, I will be helping people learn things.

Pause button – if you have no idea what I’m talking about, read this: I have made the tough choice to leave teaching to become my husband’s office administrator for the newest Tampa branch of his insurance company!

Moving on!
I thought it might be funny to share some confessions of a teacher.

Ten confessions of a teacher
1. Yes, we judge students by their parents – if you can’t put together a grammatically correct sentence in an email… No wonder your kid can’t either!
2. Yes, I have left my honors students alone for a brief period of time to go to the bathroom – non-educators have no idea what a privilege using the bathroom is!!
3. I farted near the kid that is the most annoying! Yep – I said it. If it has to be done, I like to use it for my benefit. The kids around him think that it was him! Love this!
4. Every year I have a favorite class and a class that I’d rather not have. That’s polite! I always said I loved all my classes equally. I lied!
5. Some grading gets done with a beverage in hand… Adult beverage! It’s required if you are to read that many pieces of paper!
6. I never ate homemade goodies… Sorry to those former students. This is merely a germ concern. The only exception was adorable cupcakes that a young lady made and decorated custom for each student and myself!
7. We have all had dreams about forgotten lesson plans or copies or something! Teaching is a lifestyle not an occupation!
8. Most days I didn’t have a plan… I knew what the end goal was, I had a few ideas of how to teach it and I flew by the seat of my pants. I made adjustments for my students. Sometimes first period was my group of Guinea pigs!
9. I have called in sick to work because I needed to get work done! Yes I know it seems backwards, but with all that a teacher’s day entails there is no way to get it all done!
10. I have cried… Out of frustration, out of a heavy heart, out of being overwhelmed, out of being so honored to be apart of these children’s lives!

A former student shared a paper that she wrote after being in my classroom, this is just a part of that paper:

Our teacher student bond, became much more, she became an inspiration. Mrs. Spivey didn’t just teach me about math, she taught me how to handle the difficulties I would face in life, she taught me about time management, she taught me that happiness depends on yourself not anyone else, she taught me dreams are worth going for, but most importantly she taught me more about myself. I can honestly say she planted that seed of knowledge; that I didn’t have when first starting my tenth grade year.

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