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Emily and Tori on the way to the run! They are so silly!
Emily and Tori on the way to the run! They are so silly

Before we can get to the race, this was Tori’s birthday weekend! We picked up our race packets at Fit2Run at International Mall on Friday afternoon. This was the perfect excuse to enjoy some Cheesecake Factory for dinner. The evening continued with the new movie in the Fast and Furious series. It was awesome! I won’t spoil it, but this movie bring it all together – I always thought that the third movie was random in the series. It had a loose connection to number 4 and 5. It fits in the series perfectly now! And they left it open for a 7th movie! I have been a fan since the beginning and can’t wait to see what’s next!

Tattoo application complete!
Tattoo application complete!

The morning started later than most race mornings – we had a 10:20 wave time! It was nice to get to “sleep in” to 6:45. That is almost two hours more sleep than I normally get. Tori’s best friend that lives next to Delaine (my mother-in-love) was able to join us for the run to celebrate Tori’s birthday! They have been friends for a long time. They are so silly together!

We arrived with plenty of time to figure out where everything was and use the little girl’s room before that start. We also realized by looking at the crowd that we missed out on the “RAD” tattoos. So Caitlyn snagged us some tattoos and we applied them before the run! Luckily David keeps golf towels in his car so that we could easily apply the tattoos!

The BEFORE shot!
The BEFORE shot!

On our way back to the start line we began seeing people coming out that were covered in color! The girls got excited and I got concerned – my only fear in doing the color run was that I would get stuff in my mouth or nose and breath it in! People had color from head to toe!

We were able to join an earlier wave since we were ready earlier! They did a great job keeping people pumped up at the start line. While we waited the brief few moments till our turn we got a glimpse of the finish craziness!

David and I joined in the tattoo fun too!
David and I joined in the tattoo fun too!

The color was spaced well. The water stops were close together – perhaps the second one should have been moved back in the course a little bit. I know it was a ‘fun run’, but most walkers forgot the courtesy announcement at the start line – “Walkers stay to the right”. But you know what… I saw families, friends, and co-workers walking/running together, so I am not mad at all about the traffic issue of not being able to run as much as I wanted to! It was a fun run!

I ran about two thirds of the course – knowing that it wasn’t timed, I didn’t push myself to finish fast! About a quarter mile into the race, I got a bad side stitch. It eventually went away. I just ran through it.

Caitlyn finished well before me. I waited just before the finish line for David and the girls. Just before the finish line we were handed a color bomb. While David and I waited for the girls, we schemed! The girls came through the final color zone, PINK, and rounded the last turn to us. I stopped them and asked them to take a picture with David… then the fun began! Check out the photo progression!
Photo May 25, 11 07 55 AMPhoto May 25, 11 07 56 AMPhoto May 25, 11 07 56 AM (1)Photo May 25, 11 07 56 AM (2)Photo May 25, 11 07 57 AMPhoto May 25, 11 07 58 AM

Photo May 25, 11 11 47 AM
The Fam – with our ‘adopted daughter’ Emily!

I didn’t get pictures of the rest of the attack, because the girls did their best to get us back! I hid my phone in my shirt so it wouldn’t get color all over it!

After finishing we took a few “after” photos! Although David looks like he isn’t very ‘colored’, I promise the girls got him! He had blue on his back so bad that it stained his skin!

The Birthday Girl and her bestie!
The Birthday Girl and her bestie!

All in all it was a great race! Here are some thoughts – I loved the color zones that were water color verses powder color. They should do more of those! Also, the sheet for the car was a must! There is no color in David’s car. I tried the vinegar trick on the shirts and it was unsuccessful. I think we will tye-dye the shirts so that the girls can have a souvenir of their adventure!

Tori’s birthday weekend continued on Saturday with a sleepover! There were water balloons, man hunt and lots of food!

Thank you to Delaine and Kip (my parents-in-love!) for keeping Ms. Parker for the weekend so that we could share an awesome weekend with Tori!

Me and my inspiration for running - Caitlyn!
Me and my inspiration for running – Caitlyn!

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