Color Me Rad – Tampa Giveaway and Discount Code

Two years ago, we ran the Color Me Rad 5K for my step daughter’s birthday!  I’d like to share with you our favorite parts of this run!

1. Great Swag – pictured below are tattoos and sunglasses… I’ve heard that this year includes knee-high socks!

Tattoo application complete!

2. Start Clean – End Dirty!!!

Before Shot:

The BEFORE shot!

After Shot:

Photo May 25, 11 11 47 AM

3. Parental Revenge!  Check out this sequence of photos that show my husband getting our daughter and her best friend with color!!!

Photo May 25, 11 07 55 AM

Photo May 25, 11 07 56 AM

Photo May 25, 11 07 56 AM (1)

Photo May 25, 11 07 56 AM (2)

Photo May 25, 11 07 57 AM

Photo May 25, 11 07 58 AM


The Birthday Girl and her bestie!
The Birthday Girl and her friend!
Me and my inspiration for running - Caitlyn!
Me and my best friend of almost 20 years – Caitlyn

1. Bring clothes or car coverage! You will be dirty.  Either you will want clean clothes to change into.  We brought towels to lay on the seats of our car and waited to clean up until we got home.  I would recommend the second, because there aren’t many options for changing at the Fairgrounds.
2. Have fun! Don’t worry about time and enjoy those around you.  Run with your friends, kids or make new friends on the course!
3. Drink water!  Because this is a later race start, do not skip an opportunity to drink water on the course. It will get warm!

Now on to the important information!
How can I get a race entry for FREE?
I have 10 entries to giveaway!  I will give them away in pairs.  Complete the form below to be entered! Registration will be open until April 8th at midnight!  Winners will be notified on April 9th and 10th!
Giveaway is closed, but please use the discount code below to participate!

How can I get a  iherb discount code now?
Check out the exclusive discount code that I, as a Tampa Bay Blogger, get to share with you!  “TBBRAD40”
Visit the Color Me Rad site to register – CLICK HERE!


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