#CignaRunTogether – Running for a PR

In just one week, the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend will be underway. I have run at least one of the weekend’s race every year for the last 4 years! Two marathons and two half marathons.

2014 – Year 1 was a half marathon with my mom!

2015 – Half marathon with Mike Petty

2016 – Full marathon with Sam for her first full marathon

2017 – Full marathon with Mike for his first full marathon

While I have never aimed for a PR at a Disney race, perhaps you are looking at hitting some PRs during 2018.

The two major favors for hitting a PR a stride frequency (how many times your feet hit the ground within a minute) and stride length (the distance between your front and back feet during a stride.

Consider these two things as you are training to hit your PR, whether at Disney or elsewhere! In my experience, you begin to see an increase in your speed when you add interval workouts to your training plan.

So let’s here it!  What are you running at Disney this year – 5K, 10K, Half or Full marathon?

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