Chicago: The Sightseeing Edition

This is part two of my trip to Chicago to run the Marathon – read part one “The Race Edition”.

With just over 48 hours to see as much of Chicago as we possibly could, we tried to make the most of our time. When my mom and I arrived in the city, we decided to find lunch!  We ended up grabbing subs at Potbelly’s that just happened to be across the street from the Chicago Theater.

After visiting the expo, we took a short walk to get dinner and a few items for breakfast! Check out this amazing sunset bouncing off the buildings!

After running the marathon, we enjoyed the short walk from the Hard Rock Hotel to Millenium Park to see the bean!

A short walk to this interesting display. There were two tall towers that faced each other, for a while the faces would look at each other.  After a while the faces would ‘spit’ water into the middle.  I would imagine on a hot summer day this would be a perfect place to play for kids! It’s called Crown Fountain.

A short walk across the river and we enjoyed a delicious dinner and entertainment at the House of Blues! I had the VooDoo Shrimp – which was amazing!

The next day we made the most of our time before our flight left to see a few sights.

First up was Navy Pier, which was quiet in the morning, but it was a fun way to see the city skyline!

A quick walk down the river front lead us to a beautiful waterfall.

We enjoyed an architectual boat tour that was so interesting.  When you look at a cityscape such as Chicago, it is interesting to take a step back and see the different influences of history and materials! We took Shoreline Sightseeing Tours because they offered a discount to marathon participants.

This building was one of the most interesting to me. It is only 30 feet across at the base and tapers out to 66% wider than it’s base. The more the guide talked about the building, the more interesting it got! It doesn’t have an official name but it is 150 Riverside Drive.

Our boat tour guide recommended a great lunch spot – Hoods and Howell in the first floor of the Chicago Tribune building.  They have 120 beers on tap – so I had to try a few! We enjoyed a burger, mussels, and their butter bean hummus!

I wish we had more time to enjoy the city, but with just over 48 hours… and a little marathon on the agenda… I think we did pretty good!

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