Cheesing the camera!

I can’t help but laugh at these pictures from my 10K last Saturday!

Screen shot 2013-03-06 at 9.48.08 PM
This was at the beginning of the race, because I still had my jacket on. I realized that my number wasn’t visible for the camera man – so I ‘flashed’ him!
Screen shot 2013-03-06 at 9.48.54 PM
This one makes me laugh, because I realized that I didn’t smile for the camera lady – so I backed up to do it again!
Screen shot 2013-03-06 at 9.48.46 PM
Another cheesy one!
Screen shot 2013-03-06 at 9.47.30 PM
This was right before the finish line.

 So good to finish!  You can’t see it but behind my sunglasses there are a few tears.  Races that are staged to turn a corner before proceeding to the finish line get me emotional.
It feels so overwhelming to finish!

CTM_2119 (800x532)

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