Boston Marathon 2016: Pre-Race

The word to describe our travel, expo and pre-race experience was energy! The city hummed with energy and anticipation of the race that would happen on Monday. 

We flew up on Sunday and we knew we were in good company on the flights based on the people around us!  


Once we arrived, we met up with my mom, aunt and daughter at the airport. We decided to hit the expo first!  We picked up my race bib first. This may be the silliest smile but it shows just how excited I was! I covered up the majority of the bib because bib stealing online is a huge deal. It would never cross my mind to steal a bib, much less for the Boston Marathon. That’s a milestone that you either earn through qualifying or you fundraiser for charity. Cheaters are not cool! I didn’t realize how rampant cheating was for the Boston Marathon – check out this article from Runner’s World

During the campaign leading up to the marathon John Hancock had these words for people to use to describe their journey to Boston. I liked heart. I never knew how my heart would melt for these sweet Rett girls. Each step was for them! 

We also found my name on the huge wall. When you look at a wall like this it makes you feel very small – it’s such a huge race! But when you consider that only 1% of the population will ever run a marathon, it’s a pretty elite group. 

I had quite the cheer squad with me! Top to bottom, my daughter Tori, silly Aunt Sally, hubby David and my mom Betsy!  So grateful they were all there to celebrate. When we walked through a crowd I felt like I was a celebrity with my entourage! 


Where my girls at? Poor David was certainly outnumbered during the weekend! 

After the expo we went to Cheers! We hit the timing just right and were seated with 5 minutes!  See below the banner in the restaurant! The city was humming with energy! 

Sam Adams puts out a limited edition beer for Marathon weekend called 26.2!  I couldn’t have any yet but my mom and hubby had one in my honor!

It was a unique experience and I’m glad we were able to share it! 

Not sure if David thought he was carb loading too, because he ordered the Giant Norm Burger! 


After lunch we walked passed the Boston Commons and for a little bit of sight seeing before our Rett Meet Up!    
As we walked, the energy of the city continued as we got closer to the finish line near Copley Square!

Shoes from previous runners with daisies planted in them. 

The daisies – labeled “Marathon Daisies” – remind me of my sweet running friend Daisy who is looking to qualify for Boston in a few short weeks at the Cleveland Marathon! 

As we neared the finish line, not only the energy increased, but the amount of security did as well. I was hoping for a picture of the finish line on the ground but we were not the only ones there so a photo with the finish line in the background worked too! I got a little misty eyed at this point, knowing the next time I saw that sign I would be a Boston Marathon finisher!

Boston also houses a three story glass Apple Store that I knew David would love! This is the view of the clear stairs in the middle of the store. 

  We only walked by the Adidas Run Base store. It was overflowing with people! 


Last stop for the day was the Team Rett meet up at Lir Irish Pub. I was too busy talking and meeting the girls and parents that I only have two pictures that my sweet aunt took! Below is Irene. She not only works for Rett Syndrome but she also has a daughter with Rett. She gave the runners name tags with stars – “Because today you are the stars!” So sweet!   

 The pull over in this photo features RSAM – Rett Syndrome Association of Massachusetts. This is the organization that the fundraising went to and they the turn around and fund research projects with the almost $85,000 that was raised by our team!
Claudia stopped by for a brief moment and got to meet my family! I’ve talked about her enough, they were glad to finally meet her. 

We headed out and checked into the AirBnB apartment, gathered some groceries to make dinner and relaxed for the rest of the evening. With all the energy of the day, it was difficult to turn my brain off, but I did eventually sleep and got enough rest for the next day! 

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