Boston Marathon 2016: Post-Race

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After crossing the finish, the tears continued. WOW! I just ran finished one of the worlds most iconic races after training and fundraising for just shy of six months.  

 I proceeded through a matrix of medical people ready to help anyone who might need it and I got a bottle of water. The next stop was medals. 

Pause for some back story. I was contacted a few months back by a sweet lady named Marian. She is on the medal crew every year and she seeks out a few special people to follow and try to meet after their finish. We exchanged a handful of emails, after she found me on Instagram, in the weeks before the race where she asked me about Rett syndrome, training and fundraising. About a week before the race she sent me a diagram of the finish area and about where she would be. 

I picked her out easily and called out her name. I said I’m Jessica Spivey and she immediately leaned over the railing and scooped me up in an amazing “mom” hug. She very ceremonially gave me my medal and got another volunteer to take our picture! Just a sweet moment that I’m not sure I would have experience in any other city or at any other race. One more reason everyone should run Boston!

At this point the chill of the day started to hit me. I hadn’t felt it much except that we hit a headwind basically all day, but I hadn’t felt the chill until I stopped running. Thank goodness the next stop was space blankets!! 
 I walked another two blocks to our pre-picked spot – letter J! The whole crew eventually got there and we headed for the T to go back to the apartment. I flashed my medal at the ticket station and got to ride for free! 

My favorite post race meal is a burger and a beer! So as we walked the few short blocks to the apartment we came across the Hill Tavern and enjoyed some food and a beer. Unfortunately we had poor timing. The keg of Samuel Adams Limited Release 26.2 Lager had just run out and the new one wasn’t cold enough. So I settled on another local pale ale.  

 We got done with eating and my aunt offer to run across the street to get cupcakes from Whole Foods and I asked, “Do we need to think about something for dinner that we can cook later?”  They politely informed me that is was 6:30pm and I had just eaten dinner. With the late start of the race, I lost a meal in there! 

The following day we said goodbye to my mom, daughter and aunt before deciding to do some sight seeing. We walked along the antique section of Charles street and ate a delicious breakfast at a quaint coffee shop.  

 Trying not to overdo the walking, we took the Trolley tour through the city. Seeing the state house, Run Base Adidas store, Fenway park, the city gardens, the Boston Tea Party museum (super cute with period dressed folks who lead you through the story), MIT, Quincy market and then back to the apartment for a little rest.  

 We ate sushi for dinner and we went back to the Hill Tavern and had a 26.2 beer! It completed the trip!  

 So… What now? I was aiming for a 4:45 marathon and missed the mark due to wind, stops with precious Rett girls and just enjoying the experience – which I do not regret at all and I am so proud of my 12 minute PR of 5:12! So, I’d like another flat marathon to reach the time goal that I know I am more than capable of hitting. Where and when to be determined! I have vowed to give my body a rest next year and run only half marathons. This last season I ran 3 full marathons with just less that 4 months time, so my mind and body need a rest from the longer distances. So I’ve got my eye on Chicago 2017! Until then I hope to keep getting faster and crush my PRs on the shorter distances. 

Thank you again for your support and reading my very long winded recap! šŸ™‚

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