Best Damn Race – Safety Harbor 2016!

This is a little overdue, but there is not better time than the present.

Leading up to BDR, I had been challenged by my coach, Claudia, to push in my running – adding true interval and tempo runs to my training plan.  I was amazed at what this did to my pace.  I learned that I could push and hold better paces than I was giving myself credit for!

We do BDR Safety Harbor every year as it normally falls on or right around my husband’s birthday – so he celebrates by running his annual 5K.  We headed out on Saturday morning in the sweet Audi that I had been given to review for Audi Tampa. I wore an extra layer under the shirt I had planned to wear.  It was chilly and I knew along the water, the wind would feel chilly.

With a congested start, I took it easy but quickly found a comfortable pace that I could push and hold for 3 miles.  Then it hit me… I was HOT!  With the extra long sleeve shirt, I couldn’t breath and I was too hot.  So I took a quick break to very clumsily take the undershirt off.  After getting situated again, I ran on and tied the long sleeve shirt around my waist.  I was more than half way there.  I took a short walk at water about mile 2 and finished strong!

I love BDR because you have hear the crowd cheering at the finish from around the corner – motivation for pushing even more!

I finished with a new PR of 28:40. It would have been at least a minute faster if I didn’t wrestle with my silly long sleeve shirt!  Every year David has beaten me – but not this year!  I passed him quietly about the 1 mile mark and he never caught up!

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  1. Congrats on a new PR!! Its amazing what some speed work and tempo can do for us! It certainly has helped me! Now if my body can get back to what it used to be 🙂

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